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Our Mission Statement

Through math enrichment programs, seminars, lessons, and publications targeted at the students in grades 3-8, Fun Math Club aims to

  • develop and teach mathematical skills
  • increase students' enjoyment in learning and using mathematics
  • raise students' appreciation of the diversity of mathematics and its applications

Our Values

Mathematics is an important part of everybody's life. All individuals require basic mathematical knowledge and skills in their daily lives. Mathematics educators have a responsibility to instill these basics into all students.

For those with average or below average mathematical aptitude, the proper motivation and encouragement is required to achieve the basic levels required in life. For those with natural mathematical ability, stimulation and challenges will drive them to pursue higher levels of mathematical knowledge and skills that will be needed by their future endeavors.

Fun Math Club believes that everyone can enjoy and appreciate mathematics. Enjoyment and appreciation of mathematics are required to provide the motivation and stimulation needed any individual to pursue mathematics education to the highest level that he or she can achieve.

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Our Vision

Fun Math Club seeks to raise the level of mathematics knowledge and skills of all children. To accomplish this goal, Fun Math Club provides services to

  1. stimulate students' interest and appreciation of mathematics.
  2. effectively teach basic mathematical concepts and skills.

Through innovative lessons designed around nontraditional mathematical topics, Fun Math Club enhances mathematics education in the classroom and motivates students to pursue their mathematics education to the highest limits of their natural abilities.

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Founder and History

Fun Math Club founder Yul Inn developed an interest in mathematics in elementary school. Through his education and career he has maintained his interest in mathematics.

When his children reached school age, he began thinking about how to share with them his interest in and appreciation of mathematics. Starting with logic and strategy games and puzzles based on mathematics topics he had encountered in his math education, he generated high levels of enthusiasm in his children and their friends. He continued expanding his work with the children to include many topics that they would not see until much later in their education. The exposition of these topics was based on puzzles, games, and artistic activities that engaged, stimulated, challenged, and entertained the children.

Encouraged by the success using this material with his children and their friends, Inn began developing a math enrichment program. He started presenting monthly lessons on a volunteer basis to the 4th grade classes at his children's elementary school. These lessons met with rave reviews from both teachers and students. As a result, he began to offer the program to the 5th and 6th grade classes too. The positive feedback from the higher grades validated the response from the 4th grade classes and prompted Inn to create the Fun Math Club.

Contact Inn via email at Yul.Inn(at)

Yul Inn
Yul Inn
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