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Fun Math Club lessons are highly interactive. Mathematics is best appreciated by doing. Activities are designed to encourage participation by all and to enable every student to achieve as much as he or she is capable of.

Thank you notes from studentsThank you notes from students

Student Comments

"Can you please come to our classroom again?"

"We enjoyed it a lot. See you at Math Club!"

"The class was great! I loved the Fun Math Club, and I loved the way the teacher presented and worked through the math problems."

"We hope that everyone in your math club will have as much fun as we did!"


Teacher Comments

"The kids love your program."

"My students loved the lesson you did with them."

"The kids talked about it [Fun Math Club lesson] the whole day."

"I can't wait for you to visit us again."

"I will highly recommend your program to our PTA and principal for the coming school year."

Parent Comments

"It was an amazing experience watching my son become so engaged in the Fun Math Club. It made math come to life in a fun and unique way. The kids were not presented with ready made solutions to the problems and puzzles; instead, they were encouraged and supported in finding the answers themselves. I wish all math classes could be that way."

"We have been tremendously pleased with her progress in mathematics since she began your class, and are impressed with the way that your instruction has sparked her love of the subject. Thank you for the opportunity to learn with you."

"She has had a great experience with you, believes she is good at math and likes it 'because it is easy'"

"He seems really enjoy it and can't wait for your next class!"