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Problems of the Month for October 2012

Solutions for these will be posted next month.

8 by 8 by LL tetrominos

The L tetromino is shown to the left. Tile an 8x8 square using the L tetromino.

7 by 8 by L

Tile a 7x8 square using the L tetromino.

Last Month's Problems and Solutions

2x4 Cards

Arrange the 8 cards in a row so that between the two aces there is one card, between the two twos is two cards, between the two threes is three cards, and between the two fours is four cards.

8 Cards


Here is one solution 8 Cards solution

4x4 Cards

Arrange the 16 cards into a square of four rows of four cards each, so that in each row and column each rank appears exactly once and each suit appears exactly once.

16 Cards


Here is one solution 16 Cards solution

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Latin Squares

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The Millennium Mathematics Project is a UK-based program for math education (or as the British would write "programme for maths education"). Among the web sites they produce are

NRICH -- mathematics enrichment resources (puzzles, problems, investigations, games) for elementary through high-school students.

SNAP Math Fair has guidelines and resources for organizing and holding a "Student-centered, Non-competitive, All-inclusive, and Problem-based" Math Fair.

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Mudd Math Facts is a collection of interesting and informative topics for math students in high school and beyond.

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Interactive Mathematics Miscellany and Puzzles has a variety of math topics ranging from elementary to advanced.

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