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Fun Math Club founder Yul Inn makes presentations on a variety topics in mathematics educations. Slides, papers, and worksheets from those talks are available below (in Adobe pdf format).

California Mathematics Council meeting, December 2006
"Probability and Statistics for Gifted Middle School Students"
Slides This presentation described activites and experiences in teaching the Data and Chance summer program for gifted middle school students offered by the Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth.
California Mathematics Council meeting, December 2004
CMSESMC Spring Math/Science Conference, March 2005
"Latin Squares for Elementary and Middle Grades"
Paper A Latin square is a simple combinatorial object that arises in many areas of discrete mathematics. We explore how Latin squares can be used as an aid for teaching elementary and middle school mathematics skills from problem solving and arithmetic to recognizing patterns and symmetry.
Los Alamitos GATE parents meeting, October 2004
"Meeting the Challenge of Mathematics Educations"

The state of California has published a set mathematics content standards that serve as the basis for the mathematics curriculum in public schools. The goal of the standards is to provide students with a solid mathematics foundation for their futures. Schools are faced with the challenge of ensuring that all students achieve the competency levels defined by the standards while at the same time motivating and enabling the academically gifted student to reach beyond the standards and achieve his/her full potential.

To help schools meet this challenge, Fun Math Club offers in-classroom and before/after-school programs that supplement the standard curriculum and enrich students' mathematical experiences. In order to capture the interest of all students, lessons use examples that draw on the broad diversity and scope of mathematics and illustrate concepts through puzzles, games, stories, art, magic, etc.