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Fun Math Club offers a variety of programs depending on the setting. Our flyer for school programs is available here (pdf).

Lessons are typically 45-60 minute sessions. After a few minutes of introductory background, students spends most of the time in "hands-on" activities solving problems, playing games, working on art projects, etc. Activities are designed to provide a progression from simple to the more advanced skills and concepts. After working on the problems or projects, the students demonstrate understanding by discussing and showing their solutions, art, games, etc.

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In-classroom Programs

This program is a series of monthly lessons that introduces students to topics in mathematics not normally seen at the elementary school curriculum. The novelty of the topics coupled with the style of presentation results in high levels of interest and participation by the students. This program is suitable for all students, from the remedial to the naturally gifted and talented.

  • Arithmetic, geometry
  • Problem solving, logic, spatial reasoning
  • Abstraction, generalization

Besides developing these skills, a key goal of this program is increasing the students' level of interest in mathematics. The range of topics presented in lessons serve to expand the students' view of mathematics and as a result, the students gain an appreciation for its diversity and its applications to other disciplines.

Read about Fun Math Club and the California Math Standards.


Before/After-school Math Clubs

Fun Math Club runs school math clubs which meet outside school hours, normally on a weekly or biweekly basis. Club meetings range from math projects like our classroom projects to game and puzzle days. Size is limited so that the instructor is able to support all students and give them the opportunity to explore, enjoy, and understand the fun mathematics topics covered.

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After-school Math Club

Home School Math Programs

Fun Math Club offers math enrichment programs for home school students. Sessions run for eight to ten weeks, meeting once a week for one hour classes. Topics for the classes are chosen to exercise core mathematical skills, to expose students to a wide range of applications of mathematical concepts, and to stimulate interests in mathematics and problem solving.

Read more about Fun Math Club Home School programs here (PDF).

Home School Math

Family Fun Math Nights

Family Fun Math Nights

Fun Math Club offers Family Fun Math Nights where students and parents can experience adventures in mathematics together. Family Fun Math Nights are theme-based and students and parents work together to solve puzzles, create art, and/or play games based on concepts related to the theme. Students exercise mathematics they have learned in the classroom, see new and interesting applications of mathematics, and get to outwit their parents at math games!

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Programs for Gifted Students

Programs for Gifted Elementary and Middle School Students

Fun Math Club offers mathematics enrichment programs for gifted students and in Lyceum of Santa Clara Valley seminars. These programs are more tightly focused on particular areas of mathematics and cover topics more rigorously than regular Fun Math Club programs. A typical program meets once a week over the course. The durations is adjustable from ten weeks to 36 weeks. During each hour-long class a topic is introduced and students complete worksheets and projects related to the topic. Short homework assignments may be included. Students in this program gain a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts and learn advanced problem solving skills.

Read more about Fun Math Club mathematics enrichment programs for gifted students here (PDF).

Fun Math Club offers seminars through the Lyceum of Santa Clara Valley to gifted elementary and middle school students. In addition to providing fun mathematical activities like puzzles and games, these seminars explore connections between mathematics and art, design, engineering, and other real-world applications. Each three-hour long seminar covers a variety of related topics that bring the diversity of mathematics alive.

Read about some of the seminars offered here (PDF).

Programs for High School Students

Fun Math Club offers a series of courses as part of its Discrete Mathematics for Young Mathemacians series that takes the next step in a student's mathematics education, namely an introduction to more formally defining the concepts, to proving that the facts and properties are valid, and to understanding the underlying mathematics of problem solving methods. Each course offers an introduction to different areas of advanced mathematics chosen from areas of discrete mathematics (e.g. graph theory, cryptography, etc.).

Read about Discrete Mathematics for Young Mathematicians programs here (PDF).