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Due to the COVID-19 situation, all Fun Math Club activity has been moved online. Fall classes are currently being scheduled. Please contact Yul.Inn at FunMathClub dot com for more information.

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How many ways can you spell FUNMATH?


Fun Math Club offers math enrichment for upper elementary through high school students based on the premise that

"Math is really fun and exciting."

But what do the students think?

"Math is really fun and exciting!"

That's what kids say after Fun Math Club sessions. Fun Math Club is really fun and exciting. These are key ingredients to providing the motivation for students to put the most in and get the most out of their math education. Fun Math Club uses innovative techniques and novel applications and examples to spark interest in math and kindle appreciation of its diversity. In the end, students' perceptions are that learning, and more importantly, doing mathematics is fun and exciting.


Math Club offers math enrichment programs at sites in the San Francisco peninsula and south bay area. See Fun Math Club in the classroom and read comments from teachers and students.


Fun Math Club offers mathematics enrichment programs for students in grades 4-12. These programs provide math education through non-traditional topics that supplement core curriculum. The material is chosen to stimulate and motivate all students to achieve the highest levels of math knowledge and skills of which they are capable.

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Number grid Fun Math Club is committed to enriching the mathematics education experience of all children. We are located in the Silicon Valley where we make our services available to local students and schools.

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