Zoom and Wallpaper

Recently I’ve been using zoom frequently, both for my classes and for socializing with friends and family. Zoom has a feature called virtual background, where a participant in a Zoom meeting can use an image or a video as her background. It’s common to use scenic views for a background to give the illusion that you’re on vacation in exotic locations or to use family photos to suggest being with your loved ones.

For the more mathematically inclined, backgrounds of abstract designs might be more appealing. Since I’ve been working on symmetry designs for one of my classes, I decided to start using them as backgrounds. Here’s as example of me with one of the designs as a background:

The designs are all examples of patterns whose symmetry groups are one of the 17 wallpaper groups. Here’s a collection of some of my patterns:

If any of them catch your fancy you can download the collection here.


For any of you who have followed my blog you may recall that I have been tracking the number of cases of COVID-19 in Santa Clara County. When I started do this, there was no other tracking site that I knew about. Shortly thereafter, the Santa Clara County Department of Public Health started publishing the numbers and displaying graphs of the data on their web site. Over time the presentation of the data became more and more informative and complete. So I am terminating my data displays and suggest that those interested follow the information at the Santa Clara County Departmnet of Public Health.

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