Hello! I am Yul Inn, founder of the Fun Math Club. When my children were in elementary school I wanted to pass on my interest and enthusiasm for math to them and their classmates. So I developed a series of math enrichment programs for upper elementary school students, and began offering it in the classroom and in after school programs. Over the years, I have expanded the content of these programs through the high school level.

I have offered Fun Math Club to the local schools, school districts, home school groups, and community organizations in the San Francisco Bay area. In addition to my own classes, I lead math circles at Stanford, San Jose State, and other local schools. During the summers, I have taught courses in the Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth summer programs and Stanford University Pre-Collegiate Studies Summer Institutes.

Prior to founding the Fun Math Club, I worked as a software engineer and entrepreneur for 25 years, developing signal processing, document management, networking, and video conferencing systems and have patents in document processing and video conferencing software. I have MS degrees in Math and Computer Science from Ohio State University and a BS in Math from UC Riverside. I am a member of the Mathematical Association of America and Phi Beta Kappa.